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Interview by monthly review Resistenza to the General Secretary of the (n)PCI Article from  La Voce
Statement - 14 October 2010

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Four main issues
to be debated in the International Communist Movement


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Open Letter of the CC (n)PCI to parties and organizations joining ICOR


3 October, 2010

6th anniversary of the foundation of the (new) Italian Communist Party


Why the new Italian Communist Party does not participate in the Founding Conference of ICOR.


When, after the 9th ICMLPO, MLPD proposed to the (n)PCI, as to other communist parties and organizations, to join an initiative to establish a structure which would strengthen international cooperation among communist parties and organizations, the (n)PCI joined it. It is evident to every Communist the need to promote, by initiatives at international level, that is joining forces at the international level, the renaissance of the communist movement in each country and thus the foundation of the Second Communist International.

But which is the cause of the current disintegration of the communist forces? Why does the renaissance of the communist movement still progress slowly, even though the second general crisis of the imperialist world system and of the major powers that are heading it, has exploded in all its seriousness by now nearly 3 years, brought both by the economic crisis and the environmental crisis? Why do the communist parties and organizations still have a modest role in promoting and directing the struggle of the working class and of the popular masses of imperialist countries and of the peoples of the oppressed countries to exit the stagnation in which the imperialist bourgeoisie and other reactionary classes have bogged them down?

In today's world men and women who declare themselves communists are numerous. The first wave of proletarian revolution that changed the world in the first part of the twentieth century (the victory of the October Revolution, the creation of the first Communist International, the victory against Fascism and the formation of the socialist camp, the victory of the revolution in China, the destruction of the old colonial system, the victory of the anti imperialist war in Vietnam and the revolution of new type in Cuba, the achievements of civilization and prosperity that the communist movement has wrung from  the bourgeoisie in the imperialist countries), has left an important positive legacy. We have to deal with the negative legacy of the decline of the communist movement, until the collapse of the first socialist countries, the creation of the neo-colonial system in the oppressed countries, the disintegration of the communist movement in the world.

The transition from capitalism to communism is a process the human kind needs to take again its history of progress and also for the very survival of humanity. But by its nature this is a step that humanity can do only consciously, guided by a conception of the world, the communist conception of the world. This is an experimental science. The first wave of socialist revolution ended with a defeat, but it provided a stately wealth of experience. Elaborating it, Communists will lead the communist conception of the world to a level higher than that achieved in Marxism-Leninism, a higher level and adequate to the task they must perform. Dogmatic Communists, in theory, repeat the formulas of Marx and Lenin, refuse to elaborate the experience of the first wave of proletarian revolution. Faced with the current crisis, they repeat the theories developed by Marx, on the basis of the decennial cyclical crises that capitalism has gone through in the first part of the nineteenth century and presumptuously claim [we quote Stefan Engel in the Introductory Speech of the Regional Conference of Europe ICOR 01:08:09] that "as Marxist-Leninists of course we know that, like any cyclical crises of overproduction [they obviously imply, of goods, editor’s note], certainly the current crisis will end sooner or later!" But the present actual crisis, is it actually a cyclical crisis? No! Actually it is a crisis for overproduction of capital coupled with the environmental crisis. “Of course”, Dogmatic Communists don’t study the Marxist theory and the practical experience of crisis for overproduction of capital that characterize the era of imperialism.


To create the necessary conditions for the renaissance of the communist movement, today’s Communists have to give enough right answers to the following four questions:

1. why did the communist parties of the first Communist International in the first wave of proletarian revolution, in the first half of last century, fail to establish socialism even in one imperialist country, although the objective conditions to establish socialism already existed?

2. why did former socialist countries, established during the first wave of proletarian revolution, after an initial period of great success, decay till some of them collapsed and some others changed sides?

3. why did Communists fail to bar the way to the modern revisionists nor in the first socialist countries, despite the alarm raised by Stalin in the early '50s and the struggle led by Mao in the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution (1966-1976), nor in the international communist movement?

4. which is the nature of the general crisis in progress?

Only by responding correctly to these four questions, the Communists will overcome the mistrust in their own cause and in their own forces that undermines the revolutionary burst of many Communists and will have the guiding conception necessary to take the leadership of the resistance of the working class and of the popular masses in the imperialist countries and the peoples of the oppressed countries against the general crisis and to promote and drive to win the second wave of proletarian revolution.

To give the right answers to those four questions, taking them from the experience and checking them in the practice of class struggle, is the priority task of the Communists today. The Communists, Marx and Engels said in The Manifesto of the Communist Party (1848), are distinguished from other revolutionaries, because they have a more advanced understanding of the conditions, forms and results of the class struggle and on this basis, keep pushing it more and more forward.

Certainly, action and unity of action are an important auxiliary tool. They both help to join the best forces in developing at a higher level the common conception of the world and to check the results. But they are just an auxiliary instrument. Any initiative that is performed as an excuse to avoid the main task; any initiative that is a naive or opportunistic expression of the hope that the practice carried out blindly could, anyway, sooner or later lead to the result; any initiative that knowingly or not it has been structured so as to distract from the main task, is detrimental. It leads to defeats which confirm and reinforce the mistrust, unless its results and its defeats are used by the Communists who are dedicated to that elaboration as a priority task today.

The main task is to give scientific answers to those four questions, go as thoroughly as it is necessary to get sufficient instruments to deal successfully with the practical task of class struggle in the current situation.

As it has been prepared, ICOR does not meet this purpose. It is halfway between an international Communist Party without the ideological-political unity necessary for a communist party even if international, and an international front for the unity of action without the leadership of a communist party.

This is why the new PCI does not participate in it and calls the Communist around the world to tackle the main task first of all.


Let this call reach every corner of the world and gather the adhesion of the most generous Communists. We are ready to cooperate with those who gather. For our part we dedicate our efforts first of all to accomplish this task and to verify the results in the practice of class struggle to make Italy a new socialist country and so to contribute to the new wave of proletarian revolution.


for the Central Committee of new Italian Communist Party

The General Secretary

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